A Few thoughts concerning our Small Groups

This morning while working on the Small Group sheet for this week the idea for this post came into my head. This is not a stop all for every reason why our small groups at Farmington Baptist are sermon based. Instead it is a few perks that come as a result of our Sermon Based Small Group Strategy.

Perk 1
The sermon on Sunday, we believe, is one that God wants us to hear and think about. Often we hear a message on Sunday, are impacted by it, but by Tuesday, because we haven’t taken time to review what was said, it’s impact wains.

Since we believe it was the message God had for our church, our small group studies are an extension of that message. We know His message has a better chance of sticking with us and becoming apart of our lives when we take the time to discuss it in a small group setting.

This is similar to how they did it in the New Testament.

Perk 2
Because it is not a “review of the sermon” but additional thoughts and questions about the topic, the group is able to dig a bit deeper into the topic or passage that was covered and hopefully will make personal applications specific to their own lives.

Perk 3
If someone missed the message because they helped out in child care, or could not make it to church, it is a way for them to connect with the message God had for His church on that day. (We also have podcasts for this purpose as well)

Perk 4
When it comes to evangelism (a piece we will add to our small groups next year). Your neighbor that has come to check out your small group, will hear people talk about how the message impacted them, and how the Bible is making a difference in their lives. This often creates an interest in visiting the church to see what is going on there.

So thats that… now I need to get back to working on the Study Guide for this week.

(For more information on how to be a part of our small groups just comment below or email me.)

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