How Not to Have Road Rage

I was taking my son to school today and was just thinking about driving and why people get so upset at other drivers when they drive. After a moment of “self reflection” and figuring out some of the  reason I get stressed when I drive, I came up with a few things to do to avoid it. 

So here they are…

5 ways to avoid being “stressed out” when you drive.

1. Leave Early – you know that slow person that you always find yourself behind?  Chances are they are easier to tolerate if you have left early for your destination. If you are running behind you leave no room for toleration… instead it’s “get out of my way”.

2.  Don’t Yell at Them – they can’t hear you and even if they know you are upset with them the energy you put toward your anger will not change the way they drive. They are going to drive the same way tomorrow as they did today.

3. Expect the Unexpected – after all you are driving in the world of people, and people do some crazy things.

4. Don’t get “overly aggressive” – then you become part of the problem.

5. Pray to Act Like a Christian Should Act – the way you respond to other drivers is a testimony for Christ, especially when you have your “church magnet” or “fish” on the back of your vehicle.

So there are my thoughts on the whole “getting upset while driving” thing.  

How do you avoid getting up set when you drive?



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