Not a Creature was Stirring

I wish that was me…

The “not stirring” part.

The fact is… I am tired.

Didn’t really realize how tired until last night’s Bible Study.

Oh.. it was bad.

I lost my train of thought several times, could not remember some key information, before the study I grabbed the wrong set of notes as I was leaving my house (the notes I grabbed was on the same topic but wasn’t the current version), never felt the study hit a rhythm and the list could go on.


Earlier in the day, my body was telling me to take a nap but I had too much to do. After all, I was “working”. So, I did not lay down and rest…

Bad idea.

This is probably the closest I’ll ever come (as a man) to experiencing the exhaustion that comes from pregnancy…

and I am willing to bet even if you have experienced that exhaustion (speaking to our lady readers) you have never been as exhausted as Mary was…


at the water breaking moment

having rode many miles, not in an SUV, BMW, Honda or even a Pinto, but on a donkey

a stinky, smelly, never had been through a car wash, donkey

in the sun (I am sure the donkey didn’t have AC)… which of course helped the stinky and smelly… and you know how it is with smells and pregnancy

in traffic

wishing she could just stop and rest a moment

This is why, by the time they reached their destination she was more than willing to stay anywhere


anywhere she could just stop

and not stir for a while.

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