Take 5 Was Great!

Just saying…

if you missed it… you missed it

if you didn’t miss it… you didn’t miss it

If you didn’t miss it, you know…

Both performances went well

The audience really enjoyed the play

We were able to raise money for North Davie Middle School and Pinebrook Elementary School (who we have partnerships with)

The Gospel was presented clearly

All done for God’s glory.

I am sure most people did not know what to expect from the play. But here is what I know.  They left knowing what to expect for next year, and they left with the true meaning of Christmas on their minds.

That is  a Win!

I would like to thank the cast of the play, your hard work paid off.

I would like to thank the Tech Crew,  both of you did an excellent job with all the “extra” stuff that has to happen in order for a production like this to look polished.

I would like to thank the Stage Crew and our Prop Coordinator  who made sure the sets were ready to go for all the scenes of the Play.

I would like to thank the first impressions team, even those we grabbed at the last minute, who made sure cars were parked, people were greeted with a smile, who guided people where to go including where to sit for the performance.

I would like to thank the Hot-Chocolate Crew – which was more of a job than one might initially think – you guys did a wonderful Job.

I would like to thank the Live Nativity Cast – who not only did a great job but adjusted when plans had to change on the second night.  Thanks for being flexible, enduring the cold and for representing our Savior’s Birth.

Finally I would like to thank the “Carolers” who did a fantastic job with the music… Especially Nicole… your voice is absolutely beautiful.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

It is an honor to Pastor people like you.

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