I woke up this morning around 5am thinking about all the sins I had committed over the past few days.

Times I acted without thinking

Spoke without using wisdom

Felt without control.

and each time I messed up.

Some sins were obvious to people, others were well hidden from view, each made me wonder why God would even put up with me.

Then this morning…

yes this morning,

God reminded me His Son is still on my side…

Even though my sin makes me dirty, and makes me guilty, Jesus is up in heaven, He has the ear of God the Father and He is saying…

Phillip is mine… I will speak for Him.

I died to cover those sins…

just place the guilt and shame on my shoulders and declare him innocent. He has excepted the gift of salvation so punishment is not in his future…

only resurrection.

And God the Father agreed…

He always does.

(1 John 2:1-2)

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