Pre-Review of Transformers 3

Ok, I normally do not do this but after reading many reviews about the new Transformers movie, and I have a few comments about it.

1. I have not seen Transformers 3… yet. But I will relive my childhood if not now, when the dvd comes out and we can rent it.

2. I have seen Transformers 1 and 2. In these movies there are parts I skip. Mostly the “sensual type scenes”. What they are doing, the conversations they have, the jokes… even from the parents, I think are just unnecessary and is junk. There was never any of that in the Transformers we watched growing up, and there isn’t anything like that in the new tv show, Transformers Prime. So I generally skip most of the beginnings of each of these films.

3. Transformers has never had a much of a plot. The original cartoon series didn’t really carry a plot in any of its shows. It was mostly about fighting, introducing new transformers, and getting energon cubes. We watched it to see them fight and transform. The movies in comparison, for the first time has plots you can follow. They are not the best in the world but the story line does hold the films together.

Here’s the thing. People watch these movies for the same reason we did as kids… to see them transform and fight. In each film the fighting and the transforming portions have gotten better. It is super cool to see them transform and to see how they would “look” if they were “real”. BTW in Transformers Prime the tv show, the transforming is pretty incredible.

So basically all the critics’ negatives are true and they accurately describe why we (the fans) watch Transformers and enjoy it. (FYI – its not for the story line)

I am curious to see this one. Especially now that it continues to be number 1 and is dogged by most critics.

Sometimes in life it is a up hill battle to prove yourself… maybe that is what is happening here.

I’ll repost after I see the film and let you know what I think then…. you never know, my feelings might change on this subject!

Have you seen it? What did you think?

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