Memory Lane

There are somethings that happen in life that take you down memory lane. Today was one of those days that happened. Amanda Smith’s (who once was Amanda Wells) mother died. Amanda was a childhood friend that was as close as a sister. In fact during “the teenage years”, she was always encouraging me to ask the girls I liked out on dates, or setting up some for me.

Her mom Ida Wells, was a one of a kind lady. Caring and opinionated, straight to the point and kind. An inspiration to all those who knew her. She passed away just a few days ago, the trip to the funeral home took me down roads I had not been on for a long time, both physically and mentally.

Ray, my best friend in high school (who was as close as a brother) also came to mind. Ray, Amanda and I went to the same church, and hung out together on the weekends. We saw each other at our best and we saw each other at our worst. But that didn’t seem to matter, we always stuck together.

I remember a prom we all went to. Amanda fixed me up with a date, a girl named Amber (who also became a good friend) and Amanda had just started dating Greg Smith (who she is now married to). Ray went with a girl we had not met, and came to the prom in cool outfit that matched his personality… he was always doing something different… but always having fun. Out of all the proms I went to, (and there were a few) I had the best time at that one… we all did.

I will not bore you with all the memories… but it is amazing how someone’s passing can bring back so many things you haven’t thought about in a very long time.

Ida Wells will be missed, she was 74 and lived life to its fullest. Tonight my prayers are with Charlie Wells (Husband), Greg and Amanda Smith… that God will give them the strength they need to handle the passing of a lady that was a key part of their lives.

It was a privilege to have known her… now we look forward to the day we will see her again.

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