Go Green…

Are you tired? Exhausted to the point where you mope around the house and rarely focus on the discussions those you love are having around you? or you get irritated at the drop of a hat and are so wiped out you have trouble holding your bad emotions back? Are you finding it hard to rest because there is so much to do and the only time you reflect on anything is when something goes wrong?

Then…. you’re in trouble and its past time to…

Go green….

We all need a moment to ourselves each day. Life becomes busy, and we may feel like we do not have time to rest and reflect. But research shows that people who take a moment to rest and reflect during their day are more productive than those who just press on through without stopping. Other research shows that people that live in a city that are close to a park area.. a green space… are more productive than those who do not. Finding a green space, a place you can rest and reflect for a moment, makes a huge difference in your stress level and increases how much you are able to accomplish in a given day.

Go green…

Find a spot where work can’t get to you., where the phone is off and you stop and take a moment to rest.

Go green…

Find a spot you can go and shut things down for a while.

Find a spot where you can reflect and talk to God about what is happening in your life.

If you live in a city, you green space may be the local park, if you live in the country your green space maybe right outside your door, no matter where it is be sure to go somewhere for rest and reflection.

Find some time to go green everyday….

For a leader the practice of rest and reflection is important. Travis Masson says that “Reflection is the fuel of a leader. If you are tired you are probably not reflecting.”

Go green… rest and reflect.

Jesus took time to rest and reflect… daily… He found green spaces where he could rest, reflect and pray.

You need a green space… I am not talking about a sabbath (even though a day of rest is needed to) I am talking about a place you go daily to recharge, reflect and rest…

Do you have a place like that?

If not….

Its time to found one…

Its time for you make a habit of…

Going Green.

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