Relocation – 1

These posts are a follow up of our message from Sunday. They are a brief look at the Sermon on the Mount to see what principles Jesus was teaching that we should build our lives on. Remember, building our lives on our opinions means we are building on the sand. But to build our lives on Jesus’ words means we are building on the rock. If we are building our life on our own opinions, it’s time to relocate to the Rock. (Matthew 7:24-27) Here is a list of principles to live by from the Beginning of Jesus’ sermon that begins in Matthew 5:

Have the right attitudes in life.

· Poor in spirit (it’s an attitude) – Less of you means there is more of God and His rule in your life.

· The attitude of mourning – When you have lost what you have held onto for so long, you find that you are embraced by a loving God.

· The attitude of meekness – When you are content with who you are, you find out you own a quality of living that can’t be bought.

· The attitude of seeking to know righteousness – You find your quality of life improves drastically. But this is work and something we must hunger for.

· The attitude of mercy, of caring – When we care for others we soon find ourselves cared for.

· Pure motives (it’s an attitude) – When your “inside world” – those things only you know about – is made right, you quit blaming others. You are no longer alone, and you see God at work in you and outside of you for the very first time.

· The attitude of peacefulness – When you cooperate instead of compete to be known. When you cooperate instead of trying to be the one with the right idea. When you cooperate rather than complaining about everything everyone else is doing. When you cooperate and encourage those you are working with. That is when you will discover who you really are, and the place God has for you in His family.

When you live your life with these attitudes, not only will you be living on the rock, but you will also be able to withstand those who hate you and put you down for it.

Meditate on these today… and take time to see if you are building your life on these attitudes.

They are definitely attitudes we should Be – Matthew 5:2-11.

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