Relocation – 2

These posts are a follow up of our message from Sunday. They are a brief look at the Sermon on the Mount to see what principles Jesus was teaching that we should build our lives on. Remember, building our lives on our opinions means we are building on the sand. But to build our lives on Jesus’ words means we are building on the rock. If we are building our life on our own opinions, it’s time to relocate to the Rock. (Matthew 7:24-27) Here is a list of principles to live by from the Beginning of Jesus’ sermon that begins in Matthew 5:

More from Matthew 5…

Be salt and light, season the culture you are in – shine as a light. You can’t shine as a light and live incorrectly at the same time nor can you shine as a light and live a “to good to be true over bearing” type of life. You must season the culture you are in, you are not called to blind them with your goodness but allow Jesus to show His goodness through you.

You should keep the commandments – yep… the big 10. And yes, everyone needs a day of rest.

If there is something between you and another believer, you should do everything you can to make things right between you two. Work it out between you and them, not you and everyone else. If you tell everyone else you are building on the sand. To keep the issue private, is life on the rock.

Stay faithful to your wife… do not even commit adultery with another woman in your mind. Lusting after someone who isn’t your spouse is adultery, its building your life on the sand. Faithfulness to your spouse is living on the rock.

Guard against falling into temptation – to fall is to land on the sand.

Keep your marriage vows. You have vowed to help your spouse in the good times and bad. Selfishness breaks marriage vows and is building on the sand.

Be careful what oaths you make and keep the ones you do.

Be kind and love your enemies… that is living on the rock. To strike back at them is living on the sand. (see the sermon “Relocation” from sunday for more on this one. (

Next stop… the middle of the sermon… Matthew 6.

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