Breathe In

Sometimes when you are doing what God wants you to do things happen like….

One of our memebers who was putting stamps on envelopes for a major outreach event we are doing, ( (we call it Take 2 for short) Her cat puked all over the ‘already stuffed and labeled’ envelopes… While she was working on them. Of all the places in the house… the one spot the cat choose to puke was on the outreach letters.

It was a moment to Breathe In and trust God.

Friday (that’s tomorrow) we had planned to distribute information concerning the movie ( at the school. Guess what? There was early dismissal today, but thats not the problem. Here is the issue…


Yep…. its a moment to Breathe In and trust God.

A Family – their daughter has been in the hospital for over 34 days. There are still complications. In fact now there are complications with the solution to the problem she has been having. We have prayed, we have talked to God, and we have asked why. The parents keep rolling with the punches. Their desire for it to be over is strong as is their desire to take their daughter home.

Its been hard… but they are learning to Breathe In and trust God… and so are we.

You may have had a bad day. You may be living for God the best you can and things are still going wrong. You may be in a situation where you know what you are pursuing is God’s will for you and stuff just keeps hitting you “out of left field” – like cat puke. You may have prayed and prayed and prayed for relief in a specific situation in your life and it just seems to get worse and worse.

Well, Its time…

Yep, its time….

To Breathe In and trust God.

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