Random Thursday

Random 1 – It did not rain on Monday.

Random 2 – Wake Forest is my basketball team… I am a fan.

Random 3 – Duke won the ACC tournament.

Random 4 – We miss the message of Jonah chapter one when we add historical details to the text. It makes us miss what the text wants us to wrestle with.

Random 5 – Take 2 is under way…. a lot of planning. Please keep it in your prayers.

Random 6 – Wake Forest will make it all the way to the end of the NCAA Tournament…. by watching it on TV.

Random 7 – I miss Simon on American Idol…. ugh!

Random 8 – It rained on Tuesday

Random 9 – Bought my first commentary on kindle, its on Ecclesiastes.

Random 10 – Trusting Jesus as Savior in this life is not just incredibly important for salvation its all that matters. – Jay Hardwick

Random 11 – I sure do hope WF has a better year next year.

Random 12 – Hopefully Clancy will go home soon… praying for her parents and her.

Random 13 – Transformers Prime – is awesome. My kids love that cartoon… (and so do I)

Random 14 – Looking forward to Sunday and the 4th message in our Go Figure Series.

Random 15 – I was the only guy at Small group this week….

Random 16 – Wednesday the Sun came out… in the afternoon.

Random 17 – I have been wanting to post… Love Wins but not everyone will be on the winning side… on twitter/facebook but just didn’t. We can’t get distracted by a book someone wrote.

Random 18 – Today we are supposed to be in the 70s!

Random 19 – Last nights Bible study was great…. we discussed some tough issues.

Random 20 – Worked on a new church site for FBC… hope to launch it sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Random 21 – Got the wrong sandwich at subway today… Got the Sub Way Club instead of the Subway Melt… I do not like Subways Roast Beef…. o well.

Random 22 – The Possums are out.

Random 23 – I’ve had my itunes music on Shuffle today…. is’t that random!

Random 24 – keep praying for Clancy…. She is about to go for an x-ray

Random 25 – Living Life First Hand

Random 26 – Alright… until next week.

Random 27 – Not many responses to my question about Mark….. (see next post)

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