We’re like them…

They were human, just like you and me.

They were bad, just like you and me.

They had done things that God did not like, but instead of destroying them He sent a prophet with a message of doom… to give them another chance….

… just like He did for you and me.

God loved them, He had compassion on them, they did not deserve His grace and mercy but God gave it to them any way…. just like He does for you and me.

The Ninevites were important to God. He was not willing that they should perish but wanted them to turn to Him.

You and I are important to God. He is not willing that any of us should perish but wants us all to have eternal life, He wants us to live with Him and for Him.

The Ninevites were given a choice….

They chose to repent and believe – Jonah 3:5

Have you?

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