Quit Giving Him a Hard Time!

We need to quit giving Jonah a hard time in Chapter 3.


We miss the message of the chapter when we do that.

Here is what we know….

God gave Him the message he was to speak – Jonah 3:2-3.

There was no resistance or reluctance, its just not in the text. Instead it says he obeyed.

How about the message Jonah gave? Was it to short? Was it without passion? Was it a weak message?


It wasn’t to short because it was what God wanted him to say and we know he said more than is recorded… just like we see in chapter 1. It was with a level of passion…. ummm 120,000 people turned to God ( 112,000 more than the day of, and the day after Pentecost), this shows the spirit was moving through the Ninevites and through Jonah.

Make no mistake… it was a powerfully strong message.

And what was the theme of that message?

Repent…. God is going to destroy you in 40 days.

Why do we give Jonah a hard time here?

Because we feel like he was a wayward prophet that never repented and should have. After all the Ninevites were smart enough to change their ways.

Why do we give other people a hard time for the wrong they do? For the same reason we give Jonah a hard time…

Its a distraction from our own need to repent.

It is so easy to say… You need to repent.

But to say… “I need to repent” makes us uncomfortable.

So quit giving “him” a hard time… and start giving yourself the hard time treatment.

It will spiritually revive your life.

Just ask a Ninevite.

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