Slow and Crazy

Everyone seems to be going slow and driving crazy today. This morning I took the back roads to work. There was this Honda Accord that I came upon, he was going 45 in a 55.

No big deal… really…

I was listening to a sermon, slowed down to 40 and started to enjoying the scenery of the drive.

So what happened?

I came upon the Honda Accord again, he was now going 35 in a 55.

Odd, but no big deal… the sermon I was listening to was really good.

No, it wasn’t on Patience.

So I slowed down to 20 and kept my eyes pealed to my rear view mirror.

And the guy in the Honda ahead of me?

He clearly did not know what to do with this. At first He began to slow down again but 15 miles an hour must have been too slow for him. So he speed up and left me behind.

After a few minutes, I speed up as well. In about 5 minutes I past his drive way going 55 miles an hour. How did I know it was his drive way?

Because his car was in it and he had gotten out to get the paper.

And thats the way it has been today….

On the way to lunch on I40 I was behind two tractor trailer trucks, one in the passing lane and the other in the slow lane. They would drag up a “hill” and fly down the other side.

Boy was that fun!

At the bank, there was 3 people ahead of me…

only 3.

No less than 15 minutes later I was able to make my deposit. Why?

Because of the 3.

One of the guys (God bless him) was an older man that was wondering where everyone he knew was. He was making statements like, “so what did you guys do fire Bonnie?” “yall have gotten rid of all the people that used to work here since January, I don’t know anyone any more.” (the Teller was gracious).

There was another big heavy set guy that was on the phone while he was doing his bank business. Here is what I know about him. His sister has three kids and lives in South Carolina. She bought a car from someone here in North Carolina (in Clemmons or Winston) and hasn’t paid the person for the car. On top of that, she gave them her brothers number as a contact number for her. While he is having this conversation. He cashed 3 or 4 checks, put the money in seperate pockets, received 3 deposit slips and put money into someone’s account in Georgia.

The other lady was normal. She was quietly making a deposit for her company. The bank bag she had was full when she came in and she was still there when I left.

Because I am an idiot, I took 158 to 801N to get back to the church…

After all this… I think I will just walk home today…

I may get there faster.

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