Minions – The Brandes

Recently we downloaded a free app from iTunes called Minion Me. It allows you to create your own Minions.

Its fun.

My daughter created our family this morning with the app… so I thought we would share it with you…

First she created me….

I am not sure why I have one eye… but thats ok… After all, God created the man first.

Next she created Nicole (my wife, her mother)… After putting me to sleep and then waking me up… here is what she made from “my eye”…

Interesting… I have never seen Nicole in bibs before… not that I’m against it.

All in all the picture does favor her a little… maybe… some what… the hair does and the eye color… yea thats it.

Then of course those two had children so she created her brother…

Yep… thats him alright…

He is younger than her but I think she was trying to stay with the creative order of things…

I think….

maybe not.

Lastly, she created herself…

to which she replied, “Dad, my hair is not really that long but that was the only option that fit my hair style.”

Hummm… so being a pill looking thing, with legs and yellow skin… must have been your only option as well.

She smiled.

So there we are… ready to take over the world.

So watch out! Tonight we might be shrinking the moon!

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