Pursuit – A 31 Day Challenge Video

One thought on “Pursuit – A 31 Day Challenge Video

  1. This video was made by members at Port City Church.

    Here are the credits.

    + Written by: Evan Vetter, JR Jones, Jessica Donnheimer
    + 5 Stunt Drivers: John Gilbert, Dino Muccio, Grant Jewett, Tina, and Bill Koff…
    + Director: Evan Vetter
    + Camera Dept: Evan, Jeff (volunteer), Joey (16 years old), Parrish (19 years old), and Chris (volunteer)
    + Gaffer: Terry O’Deen ( sunsetlightingcompany.com )
    + Production Dept: Jessica Donnheimer, Nick Jones, Jr Jones
    + Sound: Jeff Babb, Parrish Stikeleather
    + Post: Evan, Jesse Bond
    + Production Assistants: Rachael Parker, Josh Asselin
    + Music: Lee Hester ( leehester.com ) Guitar: Tom Shafer Drums: Sean Foust
    + VFX: Jesse Bond
    + Gaffer: Terry O’Deen

    + Video Shot in house by church media department and volunteers
    + Filmed with 3 HVX200 Cameras
    + Filmed over six shooting days
    + All Audio tracks (130-150 tracks to be exact including sound effects) were tracked in house
    + Score was composed and tracked by PC3 band members and volunteer composing string sections
    + 25 plus volunteers giving up their weekends to create a great film together

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