It was a manger, in a stable. Whether it was a cave that was a stable or one made of wood it doesn’t matter.

If the manger was wood or stone, that detail doesn’t matter either.

It was still a stable, and in a moment only mothers understand a baby was born. Not just any baby. This child was God coming into this world, from His world to dwell among us.

His plan was not just to dwell, or live like we live. For in the moment of “the last push” a Kingdom started. A Kingdom unlike any other kingdom. A Kingdom not of this world. A Kingdom that would change this world one soul at a time, for this baby was King Jesus who would lead the march of hope, and peace through redemption.

So after Mary’s last pain, Joseph held a Hope that had become flesh and bone. Peace had a heartbeat, and as Joseph cut the cord, the first cry of redemption was heard in the world.

Yes, the time for our sin debts to be paid was here.

“Let us not forget as we celebrate His birth why Jesus came to earth…

He was born to die”

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