No Can’t, only Do…

In life we have seemingly impossible situations that arise. This is true even in the church. This has been evident as we have embraced the vision God has given us to “The Take it to the Streets”. Specifically Take 1 and Take 4 had their moments where it seemed like we would not be able to accomplish what He had lead us to do.

In these moments of tension, we put our heads to the ground, and looked for different ways to accomplish the task(s) at hand.

We had to think outside of the box and let go of our addiction to the norm. It was in our moment of release that we found God and His direction for His project.

The feeding of the 5000, is found in all four gospels (Matt. 14:15-21, Mark 6:32-44, Luke 9:10-17 and John 6:1-13.

All four included Jesus’ command for the disciples to feed the crowd and the 5 loaves and two fish.

John is the only one that includes the Boy.

The disciples thought, we do not have what we need so we can’t accomplish this task. We do not have enough money nor do we have enough time to go get the food we need. Our solution is to send the crowd away, dismiss them.

Jesus said no, do not dismiss them.

Jesus said you have all you need.

Just think outside of the norm…

… after all Jesus had commanded them to do something…

… and when Jesus is leading us… there is all ways a way.

no cant’s

only dos.

So don’t give up today… just look for a way outside of the norm and you will find God.

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