Random Thursday

Random 1 – took the day off today and will be working on Friday my normal day off. The kids are out of school for Veteran’s Day.

Random 2 – went shopping with the kids today, they had money and gift cards. My daughter bought a Vectron Wave. It’s pretty cool.

Random 3 – burnt a burger… Playing with the Vectron Wave… You know it helps when you check the grill from time to time…

Random 4 – every time I go to Best Buy I wind up helping a customer…. Why is that?

Random 5 – looking forward to preaching on Sunday… It will be the second part of The Concrete series.

Random 6 – it got warm today.

Random 7 – Mr. Bush is a respectable man… Just saying.

Random 8 – if you are not listening to Thanksgiving music you should be. Why is it we go the extra mile to make Halloween and Christmas special but have a hard time doing the same for Thanksgiving?

Random 9 – I am thankful for the time change… I can now see the traffic lady when I take the kids to school in the mornings…

Random 10 – I’ve always wanted to know how to train my dragon… Here in a few moments I’ll have a chance to learn how.

Random 11 – yesterday should have been random Wednesday… I could not focus…

Random 12 – the spam cruise is in…

Random 13 – sometimes I think the NC Southern Baptist Convention would like to get rid of all the “younger pastors” they seem to always want to whip em for some reason. Why is that?

Random 14 – now they might not want to get rid of the younger pastors… In fact they asked “where were the younger pastors?” at the convention this year. “We need to figure out how to get them involved.” I have a few ideas…

Random 15 – I am concerned about the NCSC… If they run all the younger ones off the organization will die in 10 to 20 years….

Random 16 – going to fly a Havoc Heli with my son. He bought it today.

Random 17 – all right… Going to clean house… Peace out!

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