C1 – Interpretation 2

We must be careful. It is easy to interpret the Bible based on our life experiences instead of applying what the Bible says to our lives.

Some of us have had bad past experiences, with family members, with substance abuses, with family members who were abusive physically or could not let go of an addiction. Some of us have had bad church experiences, and have been stabbed in the back. Some of us have been hurt badly and the temptation is to interpret scripture according to that hurt rather than interpreting the hurt through the lens of the Bible.

We often hear messages against interpreting scripture through a man made theological lens but we should not leave out the danger of interpreting scripture based on life experiences which is a more prominent problem… I heard this happen just this week, and it wasn’t good.

So how do we guard against this?

We pray for God to open our eyes and we pray for Him to lead us out of the temptation to interpret His word that way.

We read, and study, and mediate on scripture until we find an appropriate application for our lives. We guard against making quick judgements, we slow down long enough to think about what the Word says. We wait long enough for the emotion of the moment to go away so we can see clearly and hear from God…. Not our emotions

And when we do this the Bible will wind up shaping our lives, rather than us shaping it.

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