It was a 5. At one point I had rated it a 4 and just so you know, I was the one that preached it. The Sermon Haunted 2 was not what it could have been.

While I was preaching it, I had the feeling it could have been better. After it was over I knew it could have. It needed a little more time, a little more research, a little more from the creative side.

It was a great topic. – Sometimes we are haunted by good choices, because those that are doing wrong seem to be rewarded and those of us doing good seem to have trial after trial after trial. – The text was awesome Psalm 37, a Psalm David wrote at the end ohis life.

All the ingredients were there for a great sermon but something about it did not click right and the vision for the sermon wasn’t achieved. It was a reminder that I am still learning how to preach, still learning how to communicate and still learning how to get the point across to the audience.

So I am praying about putting it on the schedule for next year and calling it Haunted 2 – Resurrection.

Same topic, same text but a new delivery.

A thank you to all that were here yesterday at FBC for enduring till the end. It had to be a little rough.

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