Do I Say It?

Micah 2:6, describes poetically, prophetically, psychologically what all preachers grapple with from time to time… Do I say it? Here in this passage Micah is condemning the preachers who have chosen not to say it and have begun to say what will be accepted by their hearers. The scary thing is I know how they […]

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I continue to learn each day about relationships and how they work. Here are a few things that have come to mind as I sit here late at night, right before I head off for a good nights sleep. 1. When there is a conflict or a tense situation, it is always good to reflect […]

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It was a 5. At one point I had rated it a 4 and just so you know, I was the one that preached it. The Sermon Haunted 2 was not what it could have been. While I was preaching it, I had the feeling it could have been better. After it was over I […]

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