Thanksgiving Music 2021


Thanksgiving Music officially starts today! 11/01/2021! I’m sad to see October music go but Thanksgiving music is just as good.

If you are looking for a list of Thanksgiving themed music you have come to the right place. (That sounds like I’m selling this but I’m not making any money on it). For most of these songs it’s easy to tell why they are part of the list because the words “thank you”, blessings” “grateful” “Thanksgiving” or ” eating” are in the lyrics or title… but there are a few you may question why they are included. Those generally have some sort of Thanksgiving family history associated with them that just have meaning for our family. Like the Peanuts “Lost Cues Vol.1 album”, Jon Foreman’s Fall Ep and Hello by Adele.

This year we have added a few new ones to the list.

  1. Thank You Jesus for the Blood – Charity Gale
  2. My Portion – Shane and Shane
  3. Thanks Be to God – Jon Forman
  4. Thanking You by Hollyn and GAWVI – This is a Christmas song and will be at the end of the list – it is included in honor of my friend Josh Hill.

That said the list is always evolving, some songs get deleted over the years and the order changes slightly because of the new editions but never too much.

That said below is a current list of the songs.

If you have any additions you would like to suggest, please comment below.

Thanks! and Enjoy!

Or if you have Apple Music click below (on Thanksgiving Playlist) and the whole playlist will instantly be yours! –

Thanksgiving Playlist

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