Day 6

I have a friend of mine… a good friend.  I will tell you no more about him than that, I will not tell you where he lives, where he works, what state he lives in or where he goes to church.  I will just tell you he is a friend and a good one.

He is a deer hunter. It is not because he likes being a deer hunter or even that he grew up hunting deer with his dad.  He is a deer hunter out of necessity.  He needs the meat.  So before he takes his bow out or his rifle (depending on the season)  he feeds the deer and gets them to come to him.

Day after day the deer come and eat the corn he puts out for them.  Each day driven by their desire for that food they come and eat.  Bucks and Does alike come and feast on all the corn they desire and become use to their surroundings without the thought that they are even remotely in danger.  That some how this corn that magically appears each day isn’t some how planted by a predator that desires to take their life.

It never crossed their mind.

Greed is a desire that does the same thing.

It is a predator. It consumes you and leads you to destruction.  I takes your life.


It is your desires that drive you to do what you do.

It is never really what you do – it’s what motivated you to do it.

Here greed is the underlying motivation for what the treacherous desire to do.  Greed drives them, compels them, pushing them and leads them to pay dearly for the greed that has made promises it can’t keep.

They are caught by the very thing that drives them

caught in the end by the very thing that motivates them

this is true of all of us.

But what if your desire is to serve God?

What if you desire to live in a way that is pleasing to him?

What if you are consumed with a desire to live righteously  and allow God’s word to penetrate you and define you?


when your desires finally catch up with what you are doing, you will find deliverance.

Sometimes the deliverance is just the mere fact following God set you on a path away from destruction

Sometimes the deliverance is from those circumstances you did not create. Circumstances that may have been inflicted on you because of someone else’s motivation of greed…

the this happens remember…

 the path you are on will not lead to permanent destruction…

but their’s is headed in that direction.

For even in their getting –

 a greedy person is losing.

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