Letter 4.5

So, I know this is the day we read the 5th letter but I can’t get past the attack on prayer that was in yesterday’s letter. So this is letter 5 but a continuation of the thoughts about prayer from letter 4.

That said…

We will start by saying this…

Prayer is extremely important.

Prayer in combination with Bible reading/studying is an unstoppable force.

It is no mystery why the agents of darkness would want to prevent you or stop you from doing it effectively. Prayer is necessary for the health and well being of your spiritual life and the movement of God. Yes, God moves when He hears His people pray. He loves it when we talk to Him.

If something is bothering us we should take it to God the Father over and over again. Luke 18:1-8. The fact that God doesn’t do something about it immediately should not stop us from mentioning it to Him again and again and again.

When we see situations around us we should pray for them. This includes good things we see the Lord doing that we can be thankful for. Colossians 4:2

It is God’s will for us to talk with Him. This means anytime and anywhere we pray we have not only entered into the throne room of God but we have also entered into the center of God’s will for us. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

We need to guard against the schemes of the agents of darkness (the Devil, demons etc…) where they move us to be hypocritical when we pray. It’s when we have thoughts like “look at how I pray” or “everyone thought that was a horrible prayer, I didn’t even hear an Amen!” or “they should choose me to pray I am the most qualified one to do it here” or “I hope they don’t choose me to pray because I don’t know what to say and it will be embarrassing”. Each one of these thoughts carry with it a sense of Mathew 6:5. Now, you may not be all the way to the point of who is referred to in that text but the seeds are already having an effect on you if you are having any of the thoughts listed above. The is challenge is to try your best not to have these thoughts but live by John 4:24 instead.

Be real.

Be truthful.

The point is, Demons – the agents of darkness – are striving to prevent you from praying, distract you from praying, or get you to pray self focused prayers. Which are ineffective.

I know – we have the Holy Spirit and Jesus who takes our prayers and makes them what they are suppose to be. But if you don’t pray or sin while praying They don’t intercede for those, so you might as well be talking to a rock…

the agents of darkness will be happy about that but you will have wasted your time.


be vigilant…

do not let those attacks on your prayer life succeed.

The health of your spiritual life depends on it.

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