Easter Week Day 6

Well, there is sooooo much in these Bible passages today. In fact this moment in Jesus’ life is more detailed than any other section written about Him in all of scripture. We get a full picture of what happened on the day Jesus was betrayed, by not only Judas but the very race of people He had chosen to take care of the Temple and look for His coming.

Can you see – the kiss that was expected?

Can you see – Jesus in chains?

Can you see – a rigged courtroom controlled by religious leaders?

Can you see – the High Priest ripping his robe for something he didn’t understand?

Can you see – Jesus being dragged to the court of Pilate?

Can you see – Jesus being beaten in the court yard?

Can you see – His flesh and blood laying on the ground?

Can you see – the crowd asking for the freedom of a known murderer?

Can you see – the crowd shouting Crucify – Crucify?

Can you see – Pilate washing his hands?

Can you see – a crown of thorns being made and placed on His head?

Can you see – a robe being ripped off a lacerated body?

Can you feel – that?

Can you see – Jesus stumble and fall under the weight of the cross He tried to carry?

Can you see – the spit flying through the air?

Can you hear – the mocking?

Can you see – the arrogance of darkness?

Can you hear – the games played for His clothes?

Can you hear – the weeping of those who followed – who loved Him?

Can you hear – the spike being nailed into His left “hand”?

Can you hear – the spike being nailed into His right “hand”?

Can you see – them lifting the beam onto the post?

Can you feel – it dropping to its setting position?

Can you feel – the jarring that would have caused?

Can you hear – the spike being nailed into His feet?

Can you see – the blood dripping down?

Can you hear – the forgiveness of a man who “so loved the world”?

Can you feel – the moment of salvation?

Can you hear – “It is finished”?

Can you see – the water and blood flowing out of His side?

Can you see – the blood stained ground?

Can you see – the Body being taken down?

Can you see – the loving care of His body being wrapped?

Can you see – the tears of those who buried Him?

Can you see – Jesus laid in the tomb?

Can you see – the stone door that closed Him in?

Can you see – this was all done for you and for me?

Bible Reading for today – Matthew 26:47- 27:61; Mark 14:43 – 15:47; Luke 22:47-53; 22:66 – 23:56

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