Just met with an individual in my office that I have prayed – for him and his family – for a very long time. His wife has some pretty serious health issues and those issues have taken them down an unexpected road. It’s a road they do not want to go down but they know it is the right one to take.

I wish sometimes that I could fix things. What if I could heal his wife, and fix all the problems they are currently dealing with? What if I could make for them a life that they desired. A life they wish they had, with things working out the way they wanted them too. I think that would be great. I would love to do things for people that would take all the pain out of their lives. That ability would be astounding! To have the ability to take someone’s unfortunate circumstance and make a paradise out of it or to at least fix things to where they worked out like the Disney stories of old…

Would be cool…..

But it would be damaging…


I am not as good as God is… and that is a major understatement!

God in his goodness uses events, heath issues and other painful things to lead people down roads they do not want to go down in order to accomplish something amazingly good in their lives. Good things that would never come to existence without a valley…

“He leads me beside the still waters”

“He restores my soul”

He leads me “into the valley of the shadow of death” (pain, agony) but I need not “fear any evil” for He is with me every step of the way”…

guiding me , comforting me… helping me grow to a better day, grow into a better person and helps me get to the other side of the valley where things are more than good…

they are better.

I would cause a lot of damage if I could work wonders in people’s lives. It would prevent them from getting to the good stuff God has in store for them… and in the “perfection” I would bring with my lack of wisdom, they would never arrive at the goodness a Good God desires to supply for them.

So though your road you are having to go down brings sorrow and tears to your eyes…


knowing it’s a Good way, for a Good God is with you as you go down that road.

(Psalm 23)

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