Craig Jutia


I was introduced to Craig Julia back in 2004.  I was over children’s worship programming at Center Grove Baptist Church and we began to use his video curriculum for some of our worship services.   Impressed by his ability to connect with kids on screen, I contacted him to see if he would come and do some training at the church.  He agreed and came…

That began our friendship.

I remember when he left Saddle Back and the personal struggles he had during that time period. He always kept God as his focus and though he didn’t believe at times he was doing a good job of it, he was an inspiration to me and helped me face some struggles of my own.

The Craig I knew was real.  He never held back.  He encouraged and instructed those he was trying to help.  He was creative and funny with purpose.  He was who he was and would not settle for anything less than being himself.  Everything he set his mind on to do was done with excellence.   His heart was to help families and he was qualified because he had done everything he could for his own.  He loved Jesus and wanted kids to understand who Jesus was.  He wanted kids to never forget who Jesus was.  He desired for them to be discipled in the best way possible so the army for Jesus would be stronger.  If we could learn anything from his ministry its that kids are not second class citizens… they are first and foremost – our best asset and we as the church need to make investing in them not just a priority but the #1 thing we do.

To me, Craig was kind, wise and a solid friend.  He always treated me as important even when I went to a smaller church (Farmington Baptist) to be their pastor. He never treated me any differently.  His loss is a shock, I’m still struggling to believe I can’t call him anymore… but this is what I do know for sure…. one day I will see him again, and I plan on catching up with him then.

Thank you Craig for your ministry and friendship.  Your investment lives on not only in me but also the many others you touched during your brief time here on this earth.



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