Scuba Plants


Recently in an attempt to lower nitrates in my fish tank I bought a few live plants to add to the underwater environment.

Scuba Plants

Now before you google that know this – that is just what I affectionately call them.  In reality I now have 4 different types of plants in my aquarium.   They replaced the fakers.

Through this process however, I learned that you needed to feed the plants, so the appropriate “food” for the plants was purchased.  I read the directions and then added my own wisdom to the equation.   It went something like this…

Because I have never had real plants in my aquarium – I doubled the food requirement the first time I “fed” them.

Never having fed plants + Adding live plants = doubling down on the “plant food”.

Then I thought, I probably need to do that again in 2 days and then again 2 days after that to insure that there was enough food in the aquarium for the plants to thrive and survive.

“Obviously the Nitrates weren’t enough” …… (sigh) (Cough… Cough)

By now you are probably thinking – man those plants really took off growing.  (I know you’ re not really thinking that.)

Now you are thinking I killed the plants – (well you probably aren’t thinking that but there is a chance you are)

No – I didn’t kill the plants

But –

if you have any experience with aquariums you probably know by now what began to die…


the fish….

I lost several.

Seems fish don’t really react well to a bunch of chemical fertilizer in the water and my fish paid for my lack of following the directions with their lives.


There are times in life where we decide to either add to or just ignore the directions/commandments God has given to us to abide by…

this never turns out well for us.

In fact the result of not keeping them takes us to undesirable circumstances.   Circumstances we wouldn’t have had to deal with if we had just followed God’s commands.

When will we learn that if we would just follow his commandments we would avoid a lot of pitfalls in this life?  Pitfalls we have to deal with because we thought we knew better than God did so we went our own way and followed our own wisdom instead of his.

Maybe, its time to follow his directions and his directions only and be done with it.

After a few water changes over a couple of days, I was able to get my aquatic environment back to where it was livable for fish.

God is ready to help you do the same-thing with your mistake… but it might take a little work on your part to get back on track.

And I’m not talking about a your aquatic environment here…

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