Day 2 – Proverbs 2


I want to understand what the fear of the Lord is

I am not sure that I do.

The traditional way of arriving at understanding is to identify the the phrase that you want to know more about, take a look at the original words that were used, look at how it was used historically and then look at how we would use it today.

The phrase I would like to know more about is

“the fear of the Lord.”

The writer tells us (in our reading today) that if we are to understand the phrase “the fear of the Lord” it is not going to be through the “traditional means” of study that is stated above. He says if  we want to know what the fear of the Lord is then we need to…

Listen to the words of proverbs,  i.e. receive the words of wisdom he is giving to his son. (2:1)

But it is not just hearing them that is needed. The writer says as we take them in we must treat them with value.  These words he is sharing with us are not to be taken lightly…

they should be treasured. (2:1)

Proactively we should go after these words of instrution. We should pursue these insights even if we have to raise our voices and cry out to get the attention of those who have them. For it is through seeking wisdom, knowledge of God, life, and righteousness that brings us to the place where we understand…

what “the fear of the Lord” really is all about.

Yes.. the writer is saying, its not a mere study of the phrase “the fear of the Lord” that will bring understanding to us concerning it…

instead it is the pursuit of Godly wisdom and Godly knowledge that brings us to the point where we truly understand what “the fear of the Lord” is all  about.(2:5)

I want to understand what it means to fear the Lord…

so… Lord please help me listen and keep my eyes open to your truth…

for that is the only path that will bring me there.

That’s what stirred in my soul from this passage today…

What did you see?

2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Proverbs 2

  1. If I didn’t get the hint from Proverbs 1 (and I am pretty hard-headed!), then Proverbs 2 drives home why I should sincerely seek to fully understand what is means to fear the Lord and pursue wisdom! Verses 6-8 really resonated with me…For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding;he stores up sound wisdom for the upright; he is a shield to those who walk in integrity,guarding the paths of justice and watching over the way of his saints. If I am seeking after God with the same intent and desire that I would seek after hidden treasure, then He Himself will give wisdom! From His very own mouth comes knowledge and understanding! He is storing up wisdom for the upright. He Himself is a shield to those who walk in integrity! He Himself guards the paths of justice and He Himself is watching over the way of his saints! I want Him! My heartfelt prayer for today and every day is that my pursuit of God would be more frantic, frenzied, intentional and more desperate than any “worldly treasure” I might feel enticed to chase!!

  2. I strongly agree with Angie! I so often chase worldly treasures. Hurry through my bible study and prayers to get to other things. I also want to program my ear to hear wisdom. Not go through daily life so quickly to act, but slow down and listen to God. Also one thing I have not had in the past is good discernment. My dad and sister have it, and have tried to help me. But I was foolish and didn’t listen. Ex. Bad friends, bad decisions, etc. It caused me a lot of pain and suffering. So I pray for discernment. Also verses 10-22 speak to me very loudly. I have been having difficulty with in-laws and my landlord and other people who do not know nor have a relationship with God. I need to remember that those who walk away from uprightness and walk in the ways of darkness will have consequences for their actions. God will deliver me from those people as long as I keep wisdom in my heart and knowledge in my soul! Let go and let God!!!

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