The Possum Chronicles – Thanksgiving Edition

Its a great view from up here huh? (Daresum)

Great view. (Grissum)

There she is…. the farmer’s lunch. (Daresum)

She doesn’t even know… She’s so happy (Grissum)

What a life, she has ate well this year. (Daresum)

Very well… Sun’s starting to come up. (Grissum)

Lights (Daresum)

and now for the… (Grissum)

Action. (Daresum)

Screen door opens and shuts.

Hey look over there… a doe. (Daresum)

Yea a john doe. (Grissum) I wonder where he is?

Here comes the farmer

He’s got the ax… this is so exciting (Daresum)

That’s kind of morbid (Grissum)

Look she’s waddling right up to him, just like she does every day. (Daresum)

She is huge (Grissum)

16 pounder? (Daresum)

Naw more like 36 pounder, the biggest turkey yet. (Grissum)

plenty of scraps for us. (Daresum)

plenty. (Grissum)

food is on the stump. (Daresum)

She’s movin to gobble. (Grissum)


Look at that head roll. (Daresum)

Dumb bird. (Grissum)

Look at him just pick up the body. (Daresum)

Strong. (Grissum)

Well tomorrow we’ll have…. (Daresum)

BOOM! (Shot Gun)

Grissum and Daresum startled, Daresum looses his balance and slides down the barn’s metal roof.

He falls

On to John’s back,

and grabs His rack.

John is moving,

John’s doe is moving.

Daresum is hanging on

John is running for dear life.

another boom.

Grissum looks on watching Daresum’s backside hobble up and down on John’s back.

John’s Doe disappears,

John and Daresum disappears

into the woods.

Human voices…

Dadburn we missed em.

Hey lets shot that possum on top of the barn.

Grissum gone.

flees under a shed near by.

all is quiet…

except for the sound of a fowl being skinned

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