If God Asks – Will You?


So I was thinking today…

as a result of reading Ezekiel…

that it would have been hard for me… very hard… to do what the Lord asked him to do.

In fact I think I might would have resisted and rebelled against the Lord.  There are somethings in life I’m not sure I would be able to do unless it was in dire need.  Now, I love Jesus and I am sure He could create circumstances where I would not only be faced with doing whatever He was asking and where I would only have that option or die.  So I say all this with a level of fear of Him and respect.

So what is it?

Well, after a long list of what to do including a very strict dietary plan He tells him how to fix/cook his food…

God says…

“and you shall eat it as a barley cake, baking it… on human dung.” Ezekiel 4:12

Now I often feel like throwing up after going to a public bathroom and smelling the smells.  The thought of eating food that is cooked on a fire of human dung makes my stomach turn.  I have smelled the smell of human dung burning before in India, and trust me it is something you would never want as a scented candle.

So Ezekiel speaks at this point and objects in a very biblical way, he says – “but Lord God! I have never defiled myself!”  translation – not only do I not want to do this, Your word tells me it will defile me and I have never done that before.

So God listens and says, ok I see what you are saying here (my paraphrase ) so I will let you use cow dung instead.

We call them cow patties.  I guess they are cleaner…

and he is going to do this for 390 days.  That is over a year…

What are we having for Thanksgiving?  – Lets smoke our turkey with cow dung this year – Uncle Ezekiel is coming over…


So when we say, or think… “I will do anything the Lord ask me to do”  do we really mean it?

I will have to say there are somethings I hope and pray He never asks me to do and I hope and pray He never tests me with where those limits of my faith really are.

Do I want to be faithful to Him and obedient?  Yes

Is there a line where that faithfulness and obedience would be a struggle?  Yes

and before you comment stop a moment and think… because I am sure that everyone reading this would have something they would struggle with doing if God asked them too.

So what is the point of this?

God is real and in the realm of possibilities He could one day ask us to do something that would test our faith… are you walking with Him daily so you will be “somewhat” ready to engage that struggle?  Are you already engaged in the “easy” things He has asked all of us to do so one day you will be “somewhat” ready to engage the more difficult things He may ask you to do?

None of us want to be placed in a situation similar to Ezekiel’s, but man – I have a lot of respect for Him because he obeyed, and right now I’m not sure if I would have.

I also do not need confirmation if I would or wouldn’t…

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