Digital Multiple Personality Syndrome

DMPS – Do you have it? You might.

Do you ever post to facebook, or twitter statements you would never say verbally to the person you have directed the statement to?

In other words, you would never say what you posted to their face.

If this is you you have…


These digital smack downs are damaging and never help relationships. In fact it proves that there is a personality difference between when one is sitting in the safety of their home behind their keyboard and when they are in public. In fact they would never say what they have posted if a face to face confrontation were taking place…

you know…

if the situation was handled…

lets say…


Of course before the digital age (even thought this still exists today) people “suffered” from TNITRSICSTMPS… or Their Not In The Room So I Can Say This Multi Personality Syndrome. In the Bible it’s “Gossip” for short.

But enough of that, Back to DMPS…

When you are posting social media do you flirt with people you would not flirt with in real life? Do you tweet or post things you would never say in your offline life? Do you post pictures of yourself wearing things you would never wear in public?

If so you are suffering from…


Keeping different personalities going and separated has to be a tiring job. God never intended for us to live that way. If someone keeps up this sort of life style, things will eventually happen that need to be hidden and they will do things they never imagined they would be involved in.

More importantly, friendships will be lost, it will strain relationships and hinder one’s relationship with God.

DMPS, is a choice. There is no drug that will help someone that has it… only repentance will take it away,

and a renewed focus on living like Jesus, will keep it away, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

How are you doing with the social media world?

Are you authentic or do you need to make a change?

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