What do you care about?


What do you care about?

I am sure every reader will answer this question differently and some will give the answer they perceive this blog is looking for.

Some people care about video games and how well they do at those.  They are attracted to them and play them every chance they get.

Some people care about having things and being able to be cool and in control.

Some people care about clothing and if their wearing the latest and greatest, while others reject anything cool intentionally to make a point.

What do you care about….

at church?

Some church goers care about the music, the style, the manner in which it is “performed”.

Some church goers care about what the church can do for them, wanting the church to revolve around their needs, their wants and their desires. They want church their way.

Some church goers care about being able to network in a church. Others want their church to be big while others want it to remain small.

What do you care about at church?

The answer?

It is the very thing that would make you want to leave. Not the thing you say made you leave but what really – deep inside – made you leave though you do not want to vocalize it. That is what you care about…

It’s the thing that makes you irritated or the reason behind your irritation.

But is it what Jesus cares about?

Way beyond the color of the carpet, the style of music, or all the other things we “want” in a church is what Jesus cares about…

He doesn’t expect perfection, he knows there isn’t a perfect church, he knows there will be struggles an issues in every “local gathering of believers” and he is ok with that.  He knows people will not always act right, he knows people will not always “do church His way” but he never gives up on the church because what Jesus cares about is…


and their salvation

and discipleship.

He cares about rescuing people who are lost.

And that is really what we should care about too.

And when we do have our eyes focused on that goal, all the other things we think are important “pale” in comparison.

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