Help Me Jesus


I am half the man I think I am

One forth of the husband I should be

One tenth the pastor I should be

Five percent the leader I think I am

truth is

I’m sick

My heart dark and dirty

My mind uncontrolled and tormented

I wish my condition was better

that I could make it better

That the dirt of my everyday sinful existence would no longer cling to me like a spiderweb unexpectedly ran into.

Like superglue contacting skin

Like black mold.

Jesus, I need you

I need you

I need you

Jesus, I’m lost without you

Lost without you

lost without you.

Jesus, I need a savior

a savior

a savior

and you’re the One.

Take my nothingness

Take my nastiness

Take my stink

and wash me clean

wash me clean

wash me clean.

Help me Jesus

to be what I should be

in You

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