Of Time and School


I paused for a few moments today from studying and looked at a few Facebook post.  It seems that for some kids I know it is the first day of school.

The first day of school.

These post made me stop a moment, mainly because in the pit of my stomach a realization was felt.  It’s something that I have known for a while but haven’t allowed myself to think too much on or feel the impact of…

On August 24th we (my wife and I) have a Sophomore and a 7th grader starting school and time is not slowing down to help us keep up with it all.   It seems I just got settled with the fact that my daughter was in kindergarten, I am just now really ok with that concept  – but I’m not settled with where we are currently (age wise) with both kids.

At the same time I’m thankful

I am thankful they are heathy and progressing through this life as they should.  All that is currently happening is part of the normal path of life.  They are exactly where they should be and that is a blessing. However…

if time would have just slowed down a bit it would have been great to savor a few more moments with them.

Maybe that is something I need to do now before these days are gone.

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