It’s Not My Fault!

Driving in Snow

Have you ever noticed that it is a rare occurrence for a person to think that they are wrong, or that they are the one with a problem?

For instance when it snows people will say…

“I can drive in the snow but I’m staying home because of the crazy drivers that are out there!”

Have you ever noticed no one ever admits to being the crazy driver who can’t handle a car in the snow?  They never say….

“I do not trust myself driving in these conditions.”

“I am the crazy driver and I don’t know what I am doing.”

Instead, its always “other drivers that have the problem.” The fact is the “other drivers” do not think they have a problem, they think like we do, that everyone else does.

“It’s not me, it’s them.”

Take a relationship that is splitting up. Like two people who have been friends for a while and something happens to strain the relationship have you ever noticed that neither side will ever take responsibility for the infraction?

“I did that because they…”

“I can’t believe they would…”

“I’m upset because they harmed me and this is what happened…”

Have you ever noticed it is hardly ever that person’s fault?  They never say…

“I really did them wrong and they have a right to be mad”

“I didn’t treat them right and I need to apologize”

“I took them wrong and my perspective, not the situation is the reason for the issue.  If I had responded correctly this would have never happened.”

“You know I have made my on reality and I need to adjust to the facts rather than how I feel about it.  I’m sorry… my bad”

Have you ever noticed it is always someone else’s issue and problem, and most people never say, “Hey it’s me. I am the one that is acting a bit immature about this.”

The bottom line is, we like to think we have it together, and will give ourselves more grace than we are willing to give to others.  We are more willing to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt without extending that to someone else.

So here comes Jesus…

Yes, you knew He would show up in this post sometime right?

And after all He always seems to be the answer…

Maybe we should be as honest with others as we were with Jesus on the day of our salvation.  Where we acknowledged our sinfulness and our need of a Savior.

Maybe we need to stop and  focus on what we have done wrong and correct it instead of always trying to lay the blame somewhere else.

And if you do not feel you have done anything wrong, maybe you need to ask Jesus to convict you of that sin and show you how you have contributed to the relational tension you are now in.

After all the truth is…

It’s us that need to be more careful when driving in the snow…

and not everyone else.

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