What to write?


Today was one of these days you had a lot of “post starters” but couldn’t seem to get any traction on any of them.

The day started with an idea about Bible Study and Spiritual growth and how there are some people who think they are growing spiritually because they read the Bible through a particular theological view point and cast out everyone that doesn’t agree with them.  It seems the ability to see what is wrong in the theological vantage points of others is seen a sign of spiritual maturity when in reality it’s a sign of immaturity.  The fact is spiritual growth happens when we are forced to make life changes as the result of the truth we have learned from our study.  But I would say a lot of people that study the Bible do not do it to change, they do it to strengthen their arguments rather than their spiritual life. They are not looking for anything new or adjustments for things they currently believe.  They only want to strengthen what they know or confirm it.

So that one just kind of ended there.

The next was to talk about my son and his open house today at middle school.  And stuff like “I can’t believe he’s going into middle school where has the time gone” but… yea… just didn’t feel like writing about that today.

Another post was the result of a conversation I had with a good pastor friend of mine. The title was going to be “Why is it always the Pastor that is wrong?”  But I didn’t want to explore that one for fear I would give away details of his situation and then someone read my blog and it make things worse for him.  So that ended quickly.

We watched Thor for the first time last night.  I thought about writing about “why do story lines naturally flow to a death and a resurrection for the hero in a lot of movies?”   You know Optimus Prime, Harry Potter, and in Thor… Thor, just to name a few. Is there something Philosophical going on with this? Or Redemptive?

The last one I was going to repost the “Alone” blog I spoke of Sunday in my sermon.  But I’ll just include the link to that one here.  https://phillipbrande.wordpress.com/2013/10/17/alone   Seems this post wasn’t 2 years ago (as I said on sunday) but it is true it has the largest amount of hits out of anything I’ve ever written. Like an amazing amount of hits for my little site.

So… what to write?Well, let’s just mention them all and move on to tomorrow.

Sounds good to me.


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