I was just sitting here, wrapping up my day, reviewing conversations I’ve had today and thankful God has placed people in my life I can trust.  That is a blessing…

I can’t say that I have always had people around me I could trust.  Many times I have found myself trusting, and believing in people only to be hurt by them in the end.  This has been a painful reality that I’ve had to come to grips with.  Currently the people that desire to have my trust so “in the end they can make  point”, I know who they are, because all betrayers smell and look the same.  Something that only experience can teach you.


To currently have people around me who I can trust is awesome.

Of course in the back of ones mind… ok mine… is

what’s the catch?

when will the betrayal happen?

but maybe that will not happen…

Trust is the foundation for all successful ventures in this life.   Successful ventures that last.  Trust is the foundation for meaningful relationships,  relationships that stand the test of time regardless of distance, or difference.  Trust is what allows marriages to last and friendships to prosper and grow.  Trust enables families to stay together and church’s to unite and do the work of Christ.

Trust is essential to the development of our character and our souls.  Trust is the key to stability and when you are trying to get something accomplished, trust is the difference between failure and success. Trust allows you to count on people, to keep their commitments and to never doubt they will accomplish what they agreed to do.

A leader is always looking for people he/she can trust.  For they know the more people you have that you can trust the more you can accomplish and when it comes to a church and leading as a pastor it impacts how much the  church can do for the Glory of God.

I think trust is taken too lightly in this day and age.  People criticize others for not having it but seldom look inside to see if they are really trustworthy.  Most people rationalize away their actions that violate trust so they will still be able to look in the mirror and think that they are trustworthy.  But the emptiness this causes is not so easily discarded and causes undo criticism which is another volition of trust.  We all want to have people in our lives we can trust but fail to be the person other people can trust and count on.

Am I the person others can trust?  Am I living a trustworthy life where my wife, my kids, my friends, my church family and my real family know, without me saying it, that they can trust me to do what I agreed to do, to keep confidences, to protect them when others are trying to tear them down?

I’m trying too.

Yes it’s because of “Jesus, the Bible, etc….”

but the biggest reason is because I am thankful for those around me right now that I can trust though they have never asked me too.   It’s a blessing of stability and brings confidence that you have people around you… “you”… can count on….

and that is a blessing.

I want to be that blessing to others… don’t you?

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