It’s in The Stars – The Music

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Over the next few days I will be posting information I had to cut from the “It’s In the Stars” message.  Today however I am responding to a few questions concerning the music I used in the presentation.  Tomorrow we will get down to business with more “Star” info.

Here’s a list of the music that was used.

1. Psalm 19A – from the Album “Wait” by the Sons of Korah.  This Album is one of their best.  All their music comes from the book of Psalms.

2. Beautiful – from the Album “Simply Nothing” by Shawn McDonald.

3. How Great Thou Art – from the Album “Faith:A Hymns Collection by Avalon

4. Galaxies – from the Album “All Things Bright and Beautiful” by Owl City.  Owl City is a Christian and we also used His version of “In Christ Alone” that can be found on Youtube

5. God of Wonders – from the Album “WOW 2001” by City on a Hill

6. And Your Praise Goes On – from the Album “Past the Edges” by Chris Rice. This song was cut from the message for time reasons.

7. Indescribable – from the Album “Arriving” by Chris Tomlin

8. Hallelujahs – from the Album “Deep Enough to Dream” by Chris Rice

9. Singing Stone – from the Album “Come to the River” by the Rhett Walker Band

10. Astronaut – from the Album “Have I Ever Told You” by FFH.  This song was cut from the message but is fun to listen to

If you have any questions from the message from Sunday please post them in the comments below or contact me directly.

Until tomorrow…



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