A Glorious Disposition

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You have your own glory.

Not a place, but a disposition.

“We impart a secret and hidden wisdom of God, which was decreed before the ages for our glory.” 1 Corinthians 2:7

Yes… our glory.

This glory and what it is….

is somewhat of a mystery, but here is what we do know about it.

“Doxa” is the Greek word used in this passage for glory. Behind this greek word is the Hebrew word “kabod” which means weight.  When used to describe a person it means a weighty person.

And we are not talking about someone who has eaten too many cookies.

A weighty person in scripture has wisdom, balance, stability, reliability, sound judgement, patience, impartiality, nobility etc…

A weighty person has the ability to be a guide, to be able to comfort and help people solve problems.

Before creation, and before Jesus came to earth. God the Father decreed that there would be a people who would embody these qualities after the fall (Genesis 3).  He also decreed a way for mankind to become this type of individual.   The Way was nailed to a cross and this Lord of Glory died there.  When people embrace this cross by faith they not only are freed from their sins but they also immediately embody these qualities.

These qualities of glory.

They way it works is mysterious but what is clear is this glory, this weightiness, this ability to help correct wrongs all flows from the cross of the Lord of Glory. It is us being lights, or little redeemers in the world we live in by our actions and the way we live, breathe, and move. It is a mystery we understand though we struggle with putting what has happened to us into words.

The cross of the Lord of Glory has transformed us into glorious beings.

He makes everything glorious.


This means…

You have your own glory.

and it’s not a place, but a disposition.

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