Marriage Q & A

I’m sitting here in my kitchen after eating a double decker hamburger that probably I should not have eaten, thinking about life, politics and the message for this Sunday on Marriage called “Marriage 10 Q and A”

As you know I asked people to submit questions for this sermon and where there are some real good questions there were also some I’m just not going to be able to use. If you submitted one of these I hope you understand I really don’t “have time” to cover every question that was submitted and these were the first ones to be cut. But I did want to, at least, share them with others…

Here’s the first one…

“Today I remembered I forgot my husband’s birthday, from 5 months ago. But it was an emotional time for me with my friends on the Young and the Restless and I lost sleep over the hurt they were feeling and really focused and prayed that the issues would be resolved. On the show today those issues were resolved PTL but my husband is still pretty hurt because not only did I not get him anything for Christmas, I also forgot to feed our children a few times. What I want to know is who’s fault is this? Here are the options, please choose one…

A. My Husbands Fault

B. My Children’s fault – they really should be that hungry and they should pitch in and help out right?

C. Obamacare’s

D. George W Bush’s

E. All of the Above

The second question…

“My dog has had a few litters of puppies with our neighbor’s dog. I am not real sure how long they have been married in dog years because I get confused with math. Anyway, Here lately she has been seen several times with another (male) dog in the neighborhood. Should I tell my dog that his wife is cheating on him or just let it go?”

The third question…

“I bought a donkey as an illustration of my wife’s stubbornness, she didn’t take to the life illustration too kindly, do you think she has over reacted a bit? After all I never said she looked like a donkey.”

The fourth question…

I used my husbands flat screen TV for target practice, he’s upset and I’m not sure why… Can you help?

Thanks again for submitting these, maybe some of the people that read them today will comment below with an answer to “help you with your issues”.

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