Day 12 of the “14 Days of Thanksgiving” – a countdown to Thanksgiving

thanksgiving leaves

Prayer is often thought of as a time that we bring our request to God to make them known to Him…

and that is true.  It is the method by which we bring our concerns to our God and Savior.

However in scripture, time and time again, it instructs us that prayer is more than that.  In fact prayer is a more active sort of thing…

in “other words” its not just “words”…

action is involved.

“Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving” Colossians 4:2

Prayer is a watchful time of thanksgiving.  We watch and we give thanks, we give thanks and we watch.

Maybe we are watching for Jesus, and giving thanks for the promise He is coming. Maybe we are watching concerning signs of His will and thanking Him for His guidance. Maybe we are watching for ways to act and react with life, thanking Him for that instruction…

but regardless we actively watch “things and events” and give thanks…

at the same time



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