Why am I doing this?


Why am I doing this?

It’s a question that has hit my brain more often than not.

It comes to me in the good times when I see people changed by the hand of God.  When people kneel  at the alter on sunday, when their eyes tell me God has spoken to them, when a child with excitement in their eyes says they have received Jesus, when the former drug addict turns to Jesus and begins following Him.

It comes to me during challenging times, when the sermon did not go well, when the offering are down, when the attendance is off.  When you get the phone call informs you the couple you have spent time with is still going to divorce, when there is a lack of volunteers for a major outreach event, when I hear another person in the church has lost their job. When burden after burden hits various families in the church and the weight of all those problems weigh on my mind and soul.

OH WHY! am I doing this?

The answer to this question varies…

I wish it was just a simple I Love Jesus but my love for Him sometimes isn’t enough.

Sometimes the answer is I have been called by Jesus to do this job

Sometimes the answer is because I love people and care for them

Sometimes it’s the thrill of seeing a life change

Sometimes it’s because of responsibility

Sometimes it’s because my wife tells me to stick with it

Sometimes it’s just because I know I need to be doing this and so I put my head down and muddle through.

Sometimes it’s because I love to solve problems and lead people to a better day.

Sometimes I don’t have an answer to…

Why do I do this?


at the end of the day the real reason I continue to pastor and preach is because…

God placed me in this position

God’s Grace sustains and strengthens me

God’s love for me and for all people is empowering and everlasting

God hasn’t let me go… He hasn’t released me from this task.

So I stay, and work attacking the night with Light

so all the world may see Him

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