What we focus on is often what controls us.

If its the mess in the house… until it is clean… it gets our attention.

If it is the beer we want after work, nothing matters until we have it.

If it is the TV program we must watch, everything stops so we can watch it

If it is the harsh word someone spoke, we can’t let go of it and it effects our interactions with people

If it is the pictures we want to see, we may find ourselves doing things that aren’t good.

If it is the special “weekend sale”, we may find ourselves shopping when we do not need to.

If it is the book we are reading, we may find ourselves carrying the book around with us so we can read it every chance we get.

If its the movie we can’t wait to see, we make sure we get to its first showing.

If it is making our point known, we do whatever it takes to make people listen.

If it is making more money… having more things, we do what it takes to get to that economic level.

If it is Jesus… the things of this world grow dim… we clearly understand they are passing away… they are seen as less important with each passing day.

If it is Jesus… Our relationship with Him becomes central in our lives. So central it changes the way we live.

If it is Jesus.. our priorities change and praying, bible study and church become important in our lives.

If it is Jesus… He is the one that will controls us.


It determines who controls us

What are you focused on today?

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