A Cyrus Soap Box Moment

Soap Box

We have a concept in our society that children are to be kept innocent and away from the “dirtier” things in life.

Children need role models that live the right way, and do the right things.  Society looks for children to have the ability to look up to someone that inspires them to do the right sort of things and stay away from drugs, sex and drunkenness…

So we set people up to be those types of role models, not for us but for our children…

and every time this is done those role models “fall”

and then we complain about what they have done.

But why?  What foundation do we stand on to say that what someone like Miley Cyrus did in her last performance was unexceptable?

What about the guy that was on stage with her?

What about Lady Gaga who also performed that night? I mean we have put up with her for a very long time.

Have we forgotten that it is very easy to make a long list of inappropriate performances by well known artist?  From American Idol results night to the Super Bowl half time show,  the Miley thing was not the first time something inappropriate has been done.

Not even close…

So, why are we so upset over Miley?

Shouldn’t we have been upset before now?

We went school clothes shopping for my daughter just a few weeks ago…

Has anyone noticed what their children are wearing out in public?

The clothes that are for sale on the racks…

has anyone noticed the shortage of material?  The thinness of the cloth, the lack of coverage in important places… even on the manikins?

Has anyone looked at album covers lately, the posters in department stores, or the scampy commercials that “pop up” on TV without warning…

Has anyone been outraged?

We should have been.  We have allowed this to happen by buying the very music and clothing these performances promote.

And if you were watching MTV when the awards show was being broadcasted… why were you watching MTV in the first place?

You do realize it’s not a sesame street sort of station…

(Just an FYI)

What needs to change is not Miley Cyrus, it’s our culture as a whole. We progressively get worse and worse and worse…

and I know some of you do not want to hear what I believe is the solution but here it is anyway…

We need Jesus back in America, for our citizens to get back in church, accept Him and walk in His ways…

and quit supporting all this other stuff that is bad for our kids…

and bad for us.

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