Happy New Year


Ok… so it is June 12th and its not January 1st I get that.

But Happy New Year anyway.


Because my kids just got out of school yesterday and things have changed.  We are no longer in 4th and 7th grade.

We are rising.

It’s a new year heading toward a new grade and more developmental changes that at some level will need guidance.

This signifies a new stage in our life.

When your kids get older it is a sweet and sad sort of deal.  It is great to see them grow and understand a bit more of what they will be in the future but it is a reminder that time is shorter than you thought it was for soon they will no longer be with us.

That’s why in this “unofficial” New Year we will set out to make it count for time is very valuable when it comes to raising your kids.

So here’s to another year of investing where it really matters.

Happy New Year

(Yes this post is short… Yes I’m about to cry… Yes it may not flow like tears do…. and Yes I can compare that right now)

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