Losing but Not Wanting To


I generally do not comment much on Facebook or on blogs when it comes to a political issues. But a few days ago a friend of mine posted a thought that implied the Boston Bombings were America’s fault.  “Americans need to learn to mind their own business: Specifically Christians were responsible. His comment was “It’s no wonder Muslims are angry at Christians after all over a span of 200 years they killed over a million muslims.”

This some how in his mind justified their attacks on us.

So I responded.

After a little bit of interaction with him I realized this was not about the bombings at all.  The bottom line was he was angry with America and had been hurt by christians in the churches he (and his friends who ever they might have been) had attended.  His anger and hurt had blinded him to what he was actually saying.  He still doesn’t think he was wrong in his justification.

I know this because he unfriended me.

And I can’t say that didn’t hurt, in fact the conversation and the rejection has been on my mind most of the day. This is a guy I taught trumpet to way back when, and we had a decent friendship.  To not be able to talk with a friend about how you really feel about certain things is very troublesome probably because you come to realize they were fine with being your friend only as long as you agreed with them.

Now I know that there are times when one has to disregard a friendship for safety purposes.

But to lose one because I’m a christian…. I just wasn’t prepared for that.

Maybe one day the friendship will repair itself….

we will see

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