Sweet Bitter


There are somethings I eat that taste great but I know are going to reek havoc on my stomach.  Eggs are one of those items, they taste really good but when they arrive in my stomach they are rejected and sent back to where they came…

So I don’t eat them.

Other things I can tell by the smell that the same sort of “fun” will happen if I eat them. So I don’t…

and will not…

no matter the pressure.

Here in Revelation 10 John is told to eat a book…

yes you read that right…

John is asked to eat a book

This isn’t a figure of speech implying he is to read it, or devour it by reading it. No! He is to eat it with his teeth, tongue and mouth.

The kicker is when he eats, it will taste really good…

but when it gets to his stomach…

he’s not going to fill so good

Rumbling, sickening and pain will occur.

Worse than the feeling one gets after mexican food.

It’s going to be a bitter time.

There are various serious and creative explanations for what these verses mean and what they are really referring too.  But for me today it describes how I feel when I read the book of Revelation.

One one hand, I am excited that justice is finally coming to the earth.

That’s sweet.

But It makes me sick to think of the impact it will have people who are left on the earth.

The pain, the destruction, the loss of life… for those who don’t believe but should have, and for those who did believe but are persecuted harshly because of it.

It’s not bitter sweet….

It’s sweet bitter.

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